Checking order progress from back end. R12

Checking order progress from back end.

select * from apps.oe_order_headers_all where order_number=1000253929

select flow_status_code, a.* from apps.oe_order_lines_all a where header_id=212725797 order by line_number

select * from apps.oe_order_lines_all where line_id=226134033

select released_status,batch_id,a.* from apps.wsh_delivery_details a where SOURCE_LINE_ID=114970606

B: Backordered- Line failed to be allocated in Inventory
C: Shipped -Line has been shipped
D: Cancelled -Line is Cancelled
N: Not Ready for Release -Line is not ready to be released
R: Ready to Release: Line is ready to be released
S: Released to Warehouse: Line has been released to Inventory for processing
X: Not Applicable- Line is not applicable for Pick Release
Y: Staged- Line has been picked and staged by Inventory

select * from apps.wsh_new_deliveries

select * from apps.wsh_picking_batches where batch_id=8071

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