Oracle Financial Module , Around 25 modules provided by the oracle financials

Oracle Financial Module

            It provides the following

1)      Oracle Payable (or) Account Payable ( A.P )  à Forms, Reports, Programs
Ex: payment for today/next day/ next week/ next month/nest quarter and etc…

2)      Oracle Receivables (or) Account Receivables ( A.R )

3)      Oracle Cash Management ( CE = Cash Entry ) à Cheques and Cash  ( Bank Statement of the company )

4)      Oracle Assets (or) Fixed Assets ( FA)

                        à Registration
                  à where about of the assets
                  à responsible person
                  à Insurance
                  à Tax payments

5)      General Ledger  ( GL) : it is a main module of Oracle Apps
                  It is a balance sheet of the company

6)      Financial Statement Generated Report ( FSG )

7)      Oracle financial Service ( OFS )

8)      Project Account ( P.A )

………….  Around 25 modules provided by the oracle financials


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