Submitting the concurrent program from Tools menu using form personalization

Submitting the concurrent program from tools menu using form personalization

You have an invoice form opened with a particular invoice number and wanted to print the particular invoice from the same from instead of submitting the report request separately. This can be achieved using form personalization and user can able to submit the print program directly from the tools menu.
The solution can be applied at various places like printing a sales order, purchase order etc.
In this example I am putting up the form personalization on invoice transaction form.
Switch to Receivables super user responsibility 
N> transactions->transactions
Then Click on Help from toolbar Help-> diagnostics-> custom code-> personalize
I am rendering Menu first, let’s say Print selected invoice

Then click on actions

Once done save the changes. Come back to personalization form and add menu actions

And click on the action

Here I am setting up the global variable with value and the value is the string construct by which we pass the parameters to a concurrent program so make sure you pass values correctly.
So this is my actual string constuct
=select 'Transaction Number:::'||${item.TGW_HEADER.TRX_NUMBER_MIR.value}||':'||${item.TGW_HEADER.TRX_NUMBER_MIR.value}||'::::::No:No:' from dual
When you submit the form the sting will pass on the value to the concurrent report as 

Once done add new action as built-in and select the type as Launch SRS Form and pass the invoice printing program name there.

Add personalization on FND_FNDRSRUN form (request submission form)

Click on action and pass on the same global variable we defined in earlier stages

Save the personalization.

And come back to invoice form query an invoice number and click on tools and click on the new menu you have added (print selected invoice). Once you clicked on the menu the concurrent request submission form will get opened and you can check the parameters are being passed correctly if not please check the SQL which we have built in earlier stage.


Forms Personalization to add a Web Link in the Tools menu

1) Login to your responsibility

2) Go to the Forms you need to personalize

3) Open personalization forms :  Help/Diagnostics/Custom Code/personalize

4) Enter sequence as ’1′ and in description enter ‘Init Web URL menu’

5) In condition tab, enter trigger event as ‘WHEN-NEW-FORM-INSTANCE’


6) Click on ‘Actions’ tab. Enter sequence as ’1′ and Type = ‘Menu’.

7) Choose Menu Entry (any of the special menu entries). Eg. Special 12

Enter menu label ( eg: Web URL )

8 ) In ‘Enabled in Blocks’ field you can choose for which blocks the special menu needs to be enabled or leave blank to be enabled for all the blocks of the forms

9) Go back to the main block where you entered ‘Init Web URL menu’.

10) Enter a new record with sequence as ’2′ and in description enter ‘Launch URL’


11)In Conditions tab, enter trigger event as ‘SPECIAL12′ 

12) Click on Actions tab. Enter sequence as ’1′ and Type = ‘Builtin’.

13) Choose ‘Launch a URL’ for Builtin Type

13) Enter the argument as your URL ( eg : and click ‘Apply now’ button.

14 ) Save .

15) Exit form , logout , login and go to your Forms again.

16) Go to Tools menu. The new special menu ( Web URL ) entry will be displayed.
Click to launch URL.


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