Miscellaneous Metalink Performance Articles

Miscellaneous Metalink Performance Articles

  • Doc ID 233112.1 “START HERE – Diagnosing Query Tuning Problems” – basically a click to jump to the specific problem being experienced.
  • Doc ID 745216.1 “Query Performance Degradation – Upgrade Related – Recommended Actions” – a tree like structure for performance tuning.
  • Doc ID 398838.1 “FAQ: Query Tuning Frequently Asked Questions” – another tree like structure.
  • Doc ID 223806.1 “Query with Unchanged Execution Plan is Slower than Previously” – another tree like structure.
  • Doc ID 387394.1 “Query using Binds is Suddenly Slow”
  • Doc ID 604256.1 “Why is a Particular Query Slower on One Machine than Another?” – another tree like structure.
  • Doc ID 372431.1 “Troubleshooting: Tuning a New Query”
  • Doc ID 163563.1 “Troubleshooting: Advanced Query Tuning” – another tree like structure
  • Doc ID 122812.1 “How to Tune a Query that Cannot be Modified”
  • Doc ID 67522.1 “Diagnosing Why a Query is Not Using an Index”
  • Doc ID 69992.1 “Why is my hint ignored?”
  • Doc ID 163424.1 “How to Identify a Hot Block within the Buffer Cache”
  • Doc ID 223117.1 “Tuning I/O-related waits” – another tree structure
  • Doc ID 402983.1 “Database Performance FAQ” – mentions pstack, system state dumps, 10046 traces, AWR/Statspack
  • Doc ID 66484.1 “Which Optimizer is Being Used”
  • Doc ID 271196.1 “Automatic SQL Tuning – SQL Profiles”
  • Doc ID 276103.1 “Performance Tuning Using 10g Advisors and Manageability Features”
  • Doc ID 463288.1 “How to generate an outline with a good plan loaded into the shared_pool”
  • Doc ID 43718.1 “View: V$SESSION_WAIT Reference”


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