How to find the Package/Procedure/View associated with A WEBADI Integrator

How to find the Package/Procedure/View associated with A WEB ADI Integrator

Query to get WebADI Details in Oracle APPS

At times we want to know what is the name of the package/procedure/view associated with a WEB ADI. I struggle to get this information for a long and finally got the answer, posting the same for easy reference.

Query to find the View Name :

SELECT bct.user_name
FROM   apps.bne_contents_tl bct,
              apps.bne_contents_b bcb,
              apps.bne_integrators_tl bit
WHERE bit.integrator_code = bcb.integrator_code
AND     bcb.content_code = bct.content_code
AND     bit.user_name = <your_integrator_name>;

Query to find Package/procedure associated with WEB ADI Interface ( For UPDATE/UPLOAD metadata type WEB ADI) :

select ba.attribute2
 from   apps.bne_attributes ba,
        apps.bne_param_lists_b bplb,
        apps.bne_interfaces_b  bib,
        apps.bne_integrators_tl bit
 where  bib.upload_param_list_code = bplb.param_list_code
 and    bib.integrator_code = bit.integrator_code
 and    ba.attribute_code = bplb.param_list_code || '_ATT'
 and    bit.user_name = <integrator_user_name>