Concurrent Request phase : inactive, status: no manager

Concurrent Request phase : inactive, status: no manager

Check output of ps -ef | grep FNDLIBR |wc -l
If its 1 then do,
- Stop CM
- Run cmclean.sql script — Concurrent Processing – CMCLEAN.SQL – Non Destructive Script to Clean Concurrent Manager Tables [ID 134007.1]
- Start CM
If its 0 then do,
A. run refer metalink id [134007.1] and run cmclean.sql , [ do a commit ]
B. Start the concurrent services , by running start apps/
C. Wait for few minutes , execute “ps -ef | grep FNDLIBR |grep -v grep|wc -l” and see whether the command output is greater than 0.
2. if the above does not work for you, then upload the latest concurrent manager log file
ls -ltr $APPLCSF/$APPLLOG/|grep -i $TWO_TASK|grep mgr

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