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Conditions Causing Invoice Not Selected for payment PPR issue R12

Why invoices are not picked for payment  by ppr 

The following is a checklist and description of conditions that prevent an
invoice from being selected for payment.  You can use this bulletin to
investigate why your invoice may not be getting paid.


    o Is the invoice approved?
    o Is there a hold on the invoice?
    o Is the invoice due?
    o Is the invoice currently selected in another payment batch?
    o Does the payment method (i.e., check) match the payment method in
      the invoice?
    o Does payment currency you requested match the invoice currency?
    o Has the invoice already been paid?
    o Is the invoice for $0? (not selected by Autoselect and Quickcheck)
    o Does the invoice match criteria specified in the payment batch?
      (Paygroup, Minimum or Maximum amounts, Payment Priority ...)


a. Invoice has not been approved.
    o An invoice MUST be approved in order to be paid.
    o Remember that an invoice must be re-approved if it has been modified.
      (This is important to remember if you rely on a daily autoapproval
    o You can verify that an invoice is approved by running the following
      SQL script. (The vendor_id is included in case you have an invoice
      number that is used by more than one vendor)

         select   aid.match_status_flag, ah.hold_lookup_code,
                  ah.release_lookup_code, ai.vendor_id
         from     ap_invoices ai, ap_invoice_distributions aid, ap_holds ah
         where    ai.invoice_id = aid.invoice_id
         and      ah.invoice_id(+) = ai.invoice_id
         and      ai.invoice_num = '&invoice_number'

      The invoice is approved if the line(s) that are returned have:
         1. match_status_flag = 'A'
         2. match_status_flag = 'T', and also has a release_lookup_code

b. A hold is preventing payment of the invoice. (Character Mode)

    o There are the 3 types of holds that can prevent payment and where to
      check if there is a hold on your invoice.
    o Invoice Hold:
      \Navigate Invoice Entry: 'Active Holds' field
      \Navigate Invoice Inquiry: 'On Hold' field
    o Payment Schedule Hold:
      \Navigate Invoice Update PaymentSchedule: 'On Hold' field
      \Navigate Invoice Entry: Payment Option, 'On Hold' field
    o Vendor Hold:
      \Navigate Vendor Entry: Payment Option, 'Hold All Payments' and
      'Hold Future Invoices' fields

c. The invoice is not due yet. Ensure that the Due Date found on the Scheduled 
   Payment window for the invoice is on or after the Payment Date in order for 
   the payment batch to pick up the invoice.  This Due Date is calculated based 
   on the Payment Terms and Terms Date entered on the invoice.

d. Invoice has already been selected for payment in a payment batch.
    o Payables prevents you from paying an invoice which has already been
      selected for payment.
    o Check \Navigate Payments Automatic Modify to see if there is an existing
      payment batch, if so, query on the vendor to see if the invoice has been

e. Payment method for payment request does not match payment method for
    o The value in the 'Payment Method' field in the Detail options zone of
      \Navigate Invoice Entry must match the 'Payment Method' for the payment
    o Check the 'Payment Method' field for Autoselect Payments.
    o Check the 'Payment Method' for the chosen Payment Document for Manual or
      QuickCheck payments.
    o Example: Payment Method for the invoice is 'EFT', but you are doing a
      payment request for 'Check'

f. Payment request currency does not match the invoice currency.
    o The Invoice currency and Payment Request currency must be the same.
    o Make sure the currency used on the invoices matches the currency for the
      payment format you are using.  If the payment format is to handle a 
      currency other than the functional currency, the field "Multiple" 
      under the Currency region must be checked.

g. Invoice has already been paid.
    o You cannot fully pay an invoice twice.
    o Check \Navigate Invoice Inquiry, 'Paid' field.

h. Invoice is for $0 (AutoSelect and QuickCheck payment methods only)
    o AutoSelect and QuickCheck will not select $0 invoices.
    o You can record a $0 invoice as paid in \Navigate Payments Manual

i. Invoice does not match payment criteria (AutoSelect only)
    o The invoice must match the criteria you select when you run AutoSelect.
      If used, the following criteria may prevent your invoice from being
    o Minimum and Maximum payment amounts.
    o Is your invoice above the minimum and below the maximum amounts?
    o PayGroup.
    o Is your invoice in the PayGroup selected?
    o Pay Through Date.
    o Is the date used greater than or equal to the Due Date for the
      invoice? (Check the Invoice Payment Schedule)
    o Priority Range.
    o Did you specify a range other than the default '1 - 99'?
      If so, is your invoice's payment priority in the range?

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