German VAT for On-Account Receipts Report

German VAT for On-Account Receipts Report

Use the German VAT for On-Account Receipts report to print details of all on-account receipt transactions that are assigned a tax code for the period range that you select. The report also shows the customer name and bill-to site with details of applied and unapplied on-account receipts.

You make manual adjustments based on the information that the report provides. Post VAT amounts on the on-account receipts to your VAT accounts and reverse any VAT that was posted on invoices if you received an invoice for the transaction after you recorded VAT for the prepayment.


Before running the German VAT for On-Account Receipts report, you must assign tax codes to your on-account receipts.

Column Headings

In this column

Oracle Receivables prints


The type of transaction for all on-account receipts in the period range that you selected. The valid types are:

  • Receipt - for entry of an on-account receipt.

  • Reversed - for a reversal of an on-account receipt.

  • Applied - for the application of an on-account receipt to invoices, credit memos, or any other invoice type.

  • Unapplied - for a previously applied on-account receipt that is either reapplied or reversed to become on-account.

Clearing Debit

The amount of clearing VAT. Positive numbers are debits; negative numbers (in brackets) are credits.

Liability Credit

The amount of liability VAT. Positive numbers are credits; negative numbers (in brackets) are debits.


Yes for new transactions in the period selected.


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