Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Query to find AP Supplier Remittance Email Addresses


The following query will display all the active vendors' email addresses by their associated sites. This will work only in Oracle R12.

       -- s.vendor_id,
       -- st.vendor_site_id,
       -- s.party_id,
       -- st.party_site_id,
       s.vendor_name              "Vendor Name",
       s.segment1                 "Vendor Number",
       s.vendor_type_lookup_code  "Vendor Type",
       st.vendor_site_code        "Vendor Site Code",                    "Operating Unit",
       iepa.remit_advice_delivery_method  "Remittance Delivery Method",
       iepa.remit_advice_email            "Remittance Advice Email"
       ap.ap_suppliers              s,
       ap.ap_supplier_sites_all     st,
       hr_operating_units           ou,
       iby.iby_external_payees_all  iepa
   -- AND s.vendor_type_lookup_code = 'EMPLOYEE'
   AND TRUNC (SYSDATEBETWEEN TRUNC (s.start_date_active) AND TRUNC (NVL (s.end_date_active, SYSDATE+1))
   AND s.enabled_flag = 'Y'
   AND iepa.supplier_site_id = st.vendor_site_id
   AND iepa.payee_party_id = s.party_id
   AND st.org_id = ou.organization_id
   AND st.vendor_id = s.vendor_id
 ORDER BY s.vendor_name, st.vendor_site_code;

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