Which are Concurrent Executables in Oracle Apps? How many Types of Concurrent Programs?

There are 11 types of executables     a
1. Reports - .rdf
2. SQL * Plus - .SQL
3. PL/SQL Procedures - .pkb / .pks
4. SQL * Loader file - .ctl
5. Java Structured Procedure - .java / .class
6. Host(UNIX) - .sb
7. Spawned
8. Immediate
9. Java Concurrent Program
10. Request set stage Function
11. Multi-Language Function.
Note: Once moving are programs to Oracle Applications they will be convert to “CONCURRENT PROGRAM”.
Concurrent Process: Simultaneously executes program running in the background with online operations to fully utilize the hardware capacity.

Concurrent Program: Can write a program that runs as a concurrent process. Use concurrent program for long running, data-intensive tasks.

Major features: On-line requests
Automatic scheduling
Concurrent processing
Online request review
Concurrent manager
Simultaneous queuing

On-line Request: You and end-user can submit requests from forms to start any concurrent program.

Automatic Scheduling: Oracle Application Object Library automatically schedules requests based on when they were submitted, their priority, and their compatibility with programs those are already running.

Concurrent Manager: Cocurrent Managers are components of concurrent processing that monitors and run, time-consuming, non-interactive tasks without tying up your terminal.

Concurrent manager processes requests and does the work in the background, giving the ability to run multiple tasks simultaneously.

Internal Concurrent Manager starts up, verifies the status of, resets, and shuts down the individual managers.

Simultaneous Queuing: It lets requests wait in many queues at once to ensure that the first available concurrent manager starts the request.

Concurrent Program Executable: Links an execution file and the method used to execute it with defined concurrent program. This mathod may be a program written in standard language, a reporting tool, or an operating system language.

A Concurrent program execution file is an operating system file or database stored procedure.

Concurrent Program Definition: A concurrent program is an instance of an execution file, along with parameter definitions and incompatibilities. Concurrent programs use concurrent program executables to locate the correct execution file.

Concurrent Program written in: Oracle reports, PL/SQL package procedures, SQL *Loader, SQL *Plus, Host script.

Parent request: A parent request is a concurrent request that submits another concurrent request.

Child request: A child request is a concurrent request submitted by another concurrent request.

Concurrent Manager: Concurrent Managers are components of Concurrent Processing that monitor and run, time-consuming,non-interactive tasks without tying up terminal.

Whenever request submits to run a task, a concurrent manager processes that request and does the work in background, giving the ability to run multiple tasks simultaneously.

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