Saturday, January 22, 2022

Find Table And View Objects Behind OAF Page

 Normally for traditional forms we can find out the names of the Tables/Views via underlying forms via Help/Record history menu option and also via Help/Diagnostic/Examine menu option.

But How can user achieve similar effect with self service html pages/ OA Framworks pages. 
Now let us see how can we see tables and views on OAF page.

For example, Supplier Framework pages in R12?

Payables Manger à Supplier à Entry

Now supplier form is open and choose About this Page, link at the bottom of the page

After click on the About this following form will open  and Select 'Expand All' option

Once we click on Expand All option following form will open

 Under 'View Object' column , select 'View Object' link to see its definition

Now we can see Query (Tables and Views) on OAF Page.

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