Sunday, January 23, 2022

Setting Up Oracle Receivables for Oracle Cash Management Integration


Setting Up Oracle Receivables for Oracle Cash Management Integration

 1. Define a receipt class for miscellaneous transactions with a Creation Method of Manual and Require Remittance set to No.This receipt class is optional, but is required if you plan to create miscellaneous receipts (or payments) from Cash Management.

2. Define receivable activities for miscellaneous transactions if you want to create miscellaneous transactions from Cash Management. For example, define receivables activities with a type of Miscellaneous Cash or Bank Error.When you define a receivables activity with the type Miscellaneous Cash, you must also assign either an account or a Distribution Set to use for the miscellaneous transaction accounting entries.

Note: Miscellaneous transactions include both miscellaneous receipts and miscellaneous payments. Miscellaneous payments are handled as negative miscellaneous receipts in Receivables, rather than as payments in Payables.

3. Define receipt sources that you assign to receipts. When you define a receipt source, you can enter a default receipt class and payment method. Receipt sources assign numbers to batches and determine where deposits get remitted.

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