Saturday, January 29, 2022

Query for find Concurrent Program Trace file Path Location in Oracle Apps

SELECT req.request_id,

       req.logfile_node_name node,




       || '/'

       || LOWER (dbnm.VALUE)

       || '_ora_'

       || oracle_process_id

       || '.trc'











  FROM fnd_concurrent_requests req,

       v$session ses,

       v$process proc,

       v$parameter dest,

       v$parameter dbnm,

       fnd_concurrent_programs_vl prog,

       fnd_executables execname

 WHERE     1 = 1

       AND req.request_id = &request      --Concurrent Request ID

       AND req.oracle_process_id = proc.spid(+)

       AND proc.addr = ses.paddr(+)

       AND dest.NAME = 'user_dump_dest'

       AND dbnm.NAME = 'db_name'

       AND req.concurrent_program_id = prog.concurrent_program_id

       AND req.program_application_id = prog.application_id

       AND prog.application_id = execname.application_id

       AND prog.executable_id = execname.executable_id 

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