Germany-Specific Setup and Processes


Germany-Specific Setup and Processes

This table lists the country-specific setup and functionality for Germany.

Setup or Process



UDCs (user-defined 


Set up base-software UDCs with Germany-specific values, and set up Germany-specific UDCs for:

Next numbers

No country-specific setup for the next numbers exists for Germany.

Bank accounts

When you set up bank accounts in Germany:

  • Review the overview about using international bank account numbers (IBAN).

Voucher processing

Enter required voucher information for foreign payments.

Understanding Vouchers for Z1 Payments for Germany.

Payment processing

Before processing payments in Germany, set up the payment formats.


Setting Up Payment Formats for Germany.

To work with Z1 payments in Germany:

  • Modify information at the payment group level or payment detail level for Z1 payments. 

  • Processing Z1 Payments for Germany.

  • Run the Create A/P Bank Diskette - Germany program (R04572G5).

Automatic debit 


Before processing automatic debits in Germany, set up the debit format.


Setting Up Automatic Debit Formats for Germany.

Invoice processing

In addition to standard invoice processing, you can print invoices with an attached 

International Payment Instruction   (IPI). To print these invoices and attachments:

Set up UDCs for IPIs.See


You can process encashments for Germany using one of three methods 

Understanding Encashments for Germany.

Tax processing

You can electronically submit files for tax audits in Germany.

Working With Electronic Tax Reporting for Germany.

Intrastat and other 

European Union 


Setting Up European Union (EU) and SEPA Functionality" in theJD Edwards

EnterpriseOne Applications Localizations for European Reporting and SEPA

Processing Implementation Guide.


"Using European Union Functionality" in theJD Edwards EnterpriseOne

Applications Localizations for European Reporting and SEPA Processing I

mplementation Guide.

Legal reporting

You must collect and report data to the Deutsche Bundesbank (German Federal Bank) 


outstanding payables and receivables with foreign entities

Working with the Z5a Sheet 2 Report for Germany.

Fixed assets

German-specific reports for fixed assets include:

  • Asset Master List (R741201A)

  • Asset Master Acquisitions (R741201B)

  • Value Adjustments (R741202A2)

  • Acquisition Cost (R741202A1)

Using Additional Reports for Germany.

A German-specific depreciation method exists.


"Understanding International Depreciation Methods" in the JD Edwards

EnterpriseOne Applications Fixed Assets Implementation Guide.

Oracle Business 


The Oracle Business Accelerator solution is available for Germany, as well as other countries.

The preconfigured data that is part of the Oracle Business Accelerator solution is based 

on business processes that  have been designed 

according to the best business practices for a specific country and industry.

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