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Order Management Tables and its details




Item conversion

Item Conversion Update

Sales order conversion

WMS LPN License Plate Number ,License Plate Numbers (LPNs) ,oracle lpn r12 ,

Different types of 

LPN (licence plate number) Status in WMS module

O2C full cycle in oracle R12

Order to Cash full cycle and Techno-Functional flow in R12

Debugging an Internal Requisition which not turned to an Internal Sales Order

Complete Order to Cash(O2C) Techno-Functional flow in R12

O2C Query R12 Order to Cash Query R12

o2c Queries and Tables , Order management important queries

Sales order Api conversion

Item Interface/Conversion Using API Item conversion through ApI

Order Management - tables and links,

Drop Ship Query Query to retrieve Drop Ship Sales Order, Purchase Order , Requisition

COGS query R12 ,COST OF GOODS SOLD, Cogs Query oracle apps 12

Order Management tables and links, OM links , Join between OM, WSH, AR Tables

Order to Cash Cycle Step by step hands on r12 OM flow

Drop-Ship Query

Delivery line statuses in detail

Order Delivery details query

COGS query R12 ,COST OF GOODS SOLD, Cogs Query oracle apps 12

oracle Order Management Line Status ,OM ,salesorder

OM TABLES ,Order Entered,Booked,Pick Confirmed,Ship Confirmed,Autoinvoice,Items On Hand 

Qty,Customer Information,Document Sequence,End User Details ,Blanket Sales Order,Hold Release

Query To Find Duplicate Item Category Code in R12

Query to Display All Sub inventories Setup

Interface Trip Stop Functionality,Interface trip stop program Technical details , ITS program

Query to find out Customer Master Information. Customer Name, Account Number, Address etc

Reason why an order line is in Back order status in shipping transactions from after pick release.

Shipping Networks Query R12

INV usefull Query

Query to find few business groups set up in the instance,A very important query to find out inventory 

organizations for an operating unit

Query to Display all categories that the Item Belongs Oracle apps R12

Query to find total Received Qty in Oracle apps R12

Returns by Reason Report

Orders by Item Report

Unbooked Orders Detail Report,PRINT ORDERS BY CUSTOMER WISE

Order Discount Detail Report,Add SubTotals for Selling Price and List Price 

What is the difference between Cycle counting and Physical Inventory in Oracle Apps

INV Period closing Queries R12

INV period closing details all in one Query

Query to check Sales order Quantities ordered for an item in a given date range

Sales order query ,Order_amount , invoice_amount oracle apps r12 sql query to find order amount


OM to GL Drill Down Query ,o2c Query ,OM Query ,Order details with Gl, OM TO GL query

Oracle apps r12 invoiced quantity variance with the ordered quantity OM: Over Shipment Tolerance

Important Queries Discrepancy in Onhand Qty

WMS LPN License Plate Number ,License Plate Numbers (LPNs) ,oracle lpn r12 ,Different types of 

LPN (licence plate number) Status in WMS module

Oracle SCM Functional Interview Questions: Inventory

Query to find Costing Error Date wise

Material Transactions Query

Credit Check Functionality in Order Management

Query to check discrepancy in stock R12 stock discrepancy

Query to Find Orders for specific item in r12

Query to finde orders with no stock for shipping in r12

INV period closing Important Queries R12

Query to check RTP stuck Records in R12

Tables affected from Order to Cash in Oracle EBS

Oracle Inventory: Material status Control

Oracle Apps Inventory Tables

Oracle Apps Inventory Accounts: Inventory Accounts and their Description

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