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Purchase order All Posts

 Purchase order All Posts 

PO Approval History Query in Oracle apps

Query to find Requisitions Approval Pending

Printed Requisitions Report ,GET FLEXFIELD DATA INTO REPORT

Purchasing Useful Scripts

Insert Script for Standard Pos

Purchase Order PO Query Report

Oracle Purchasing Tables

PO to invoice Query PO to AP link

R12 Supplier/Site/Banking Drilldown PO Query

Query to Find POs which not used Blanket Purchase Agreement


Accruals Query , PO accruals r12 Query

SQl queries related to purchase order po in oracle apps r12 ;Debugging where po is struck in oracle apps r12 po flow

LINK BETWEEN po_headers_all AND oe_order_headers_all ,link between sales order and purchase 

order in Oracle apps r12

Query to retrieve Transaction & Receipt details. R12


PO Output for Communication Report

Oracle Purchasing Report Queries

Query to list all Internal Requisitions that do not have an  associated Internal Sales order

Query to list all Purchase Requisition without a Purchase Order

Query to List all data entry from PR till PO

Query to list PO With there approval nvoice and payment details

PO Approval History Query in Oracle apps

PO Requisition and purchase order PO REQ link to PO

Query to Check PO Quantities received for an item in a given date range

PO CREATED And RECEIPT NOT DONE,For Partially received POS

How to create supplier as a customer in R12

Query to check discrepancy in stock R12 stock discrepancy

Query to find Receipt details based on PO number In R12 PO and RCV link PO and Receipt

Supplier Master Details in R12 Query

Query to check RTP stuck Records in R12

Find Receipt based on PO Header_ID , PO Receipt ,Query To Get PO Number, Invoice Number and 

Receipt Number With one of the Input

PO TO GL LINK IN R12 QUERY FOR PO TO GL ~ Oracle Applications Technical

PO Position Hierarchy in Oracle Apps

Drop Ship Query Query to retrieve Drop Ship Sales Order, Purchase Order , Requisition

Drop-Ship Query

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