Saturday, January 22, 2022

Form Personalization: Create Journal Entry From Subledger Journal Entries Form In AP

 In R12 payables  we have a new feature to create manual journal entries by using subledger journal entries.

Navigation: Payables --> Accounting --> Subledger  Accounting --> Journal Entries.

In this form we have button called Crate journal Entry , If we want to remove this button we have to do following setups.

1) System Administrator Responsibility > Security > Responsibility > Define
2) Query for the subledger responsibility where you want to restrict access to subledger manual journal creation
3) In the 'Menu Exclusions' tab enter the function 'SLA: Create Subledger Journal Entry'
5) Bounce the Apache.

This setup will restrict the creation of subledger manual journal for this particular responsibility. 

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