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How to print multi layouts multi currency multi language in xml publisher

How to print multi layouts multi currency multi language in xml publisher

Hi Friends, we are going to discuss about the concept of printing report output in multi layouts multi 

currency multi-language in xml publisher. If we are working globally then multi layouts multi-currency 

and multi language is one of the major requirements. Businesses do have requirement to generates the 

report output as per their local currency and in their local language. So for this multi-language and 

multi layouts requirements, oracle has provided many options using this we can meet our business requirement 

and generate and do the printing in multi currency multi language . Oracle has provided this feature in 


publisher. Using XML publisher we can achieve the multi language and multi currency requirements. 

Earlier we developed the paper based layouts reports so in paper layouts reports its quite difficult to  print 

the multi language reports but XML publishers has lot more features as compared to Paper based layouts 

reports and we can easily develop the multi layouts multi-currency multi-language in xml publisher. 

2 Methods to Print multi layouts multi-currency multi-language in xml publisher

1. Localized RTF Templates

2. XLIFF Translation

Localized RTF Templates:-

In this method,  We can develop the multiple Templates as per our Requirements for different - 

different languages and for multi-currencies.

XLIFF Translation:- 

In this method , We do use the XML publisher Translatable feature.Translatable feature of the XML 

publisher authorize to convert the Template Language in to any Other Targeted Language of the Oracle 

application. With the Help of this We can use the Single template and then Translate this template as 

per our Requirement.

Step by Step to print multi layouts multi-currency multi-language in XML publisher

In this post, We are using the XLIFF Translation method.

Step1:- First we need to got the Template registration. Where we do upload the layout for the XML report.

Go to XML publisher Administration ==> Templates


When you are creating the Template registration for the report, Then during the RTF template upload 

we have the option to Enable the Translatable Feature for this Template as below

Step 2:- We will first upload the RTF report layout template and then we need to upload the XLIFF 

Translation file.

When we have uploaded the RTF template in the XML template registration after Enabling  

'Translatable Feature ' then the system will show these two options as below


Click on Export Translation to design the Translation File for your RTF template.

Step 3:- Now the main translation part got started. We need to design the Translation mapping file.

Step 4:-  Here below, We are Designing the Export Translatable file from Source Language 

"en(English)" to target Language "ja(Japanese)".


Here we are specifying the

<source>Customer Name</source>

Will be converted to



Like that we will be designing for others.

XLIFF Translation Sample:-

This is the below XLIFF Translation file.


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